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Title 31

this is the code to make music play as soon as page opens
<embed src="YOUR.MID" autostart="true" width=144 height=55 loop="true">

<!-- Put this part in the head section of your page! --> <STYLE TYPE="text/css"> #1 { BACKGROUND-COLOR: BLACK ; FONT-WEIGHT: BOLD; FONT-SIZE: 14px; COLOR: 32CD32; BORDER: DOUBLE; } </STYLE> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE=JAVASCRIPT><!-- var myMsg = " Welcome to My Super Duper Deluxe Web Site! "; myMsg = myMsg + " Please Feel Free To Stay As Long As You Like. "; var i = 0; function scrollMsg() { frontPart = myMsg.substring(i,myMsg.length); backPart = myMsg.substring(0,i); document.thisform.thisbanner.value = frontPart + backPart; if (i < myMsg.length) { i++; } else { i = 0; } setTimeout("scrollMsg()", 100); } //--></SCRIPT> <!-- Put this part in the body section of your page, where you want the banner to display! --> <BODY onLoad="scrollMsg()"> <CENTER><FORM NAME="thisform"> <INPUT ID="1" TYPE="TEXT" NAME="thisbanner" SIZE="60"> </FORM></CENTER>