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Important Question
The most important question of life...
Have You Prepared For Your Eternity Yet?

Many people prepare for many things. They prepare for their careers by going to school. They prepare for possible medical problems by buying medical insurance. They prepare for possible accidents by buying auto and homeowner's insurance. They prepare for retirement by investing in a 401K. They even prepare for death by buying "life" insurance. But how many people prepare for what's beyond death?
Some say that there's nothing beyond death and that they'll take their chances. Then why prepare for anything in life? Why not take your chances? Because more often than not, it pays to prepare. Whether for retirement that lasts maybe 20 years, or for a career that lasts 40 years, it pays to be prepared. Without any preparation at all, one would lead a miserable existence. So what type of existence will one lead if one does not prepare for his or her eternity? Life lasts maybe 80 years, an eternity lasts MUCH longer.
So you may be thinking, how do I properly prepare for my eternity? It's easy! You just need to realize that you are loved, no matter what you have done in the past, you are important to the creator of the universe, who loves you.
This is a great mystery. Why would the creator of the entire universe care about one person? Because God created YOU, personally, with great care and love, in His own image. He loves you so much that He came down to earth to become like you, with all the feelings and needs of a normal person. He understands what you are going through. He knows what it's like to cry, to lose a loved one, to feel pain. He wants you to spend an eternity with Him, where there is no pain or sadness, where our very nature comes through and is fulfilled (we were created in God's image, after all).
About 2,000 years ago, God came to earth as a man named Jesus, who died so that you can have eternal life. Many details of Jesus' life were predicted hundreds and even thousands of years before He was born. He wants to wipe your slate clean! You can start over from scratch. You can have a new life, as well as the assurance of eternal life, right now!
The plan of salvation is so simple that you can begin your new journey with the Lord as your savior this very minute!

The first thing you must do is be completely honest with both yourself and God. You must be willing to admit that you have done wrong and that God will judge you for your sins. The Bible says that "all have sinned" and certainly that includes you. (Romans 3:23). Some examples of sin are lying, stealing, cheating, hating, taking drugs, having sex outside of marriage and so on. Though each of these activities is wrong, the real sin lying at the heart of them all is not being right with God. The Bible says that every human being will have to stand before Jesus Christ and give an account. Those who have refused to follow Jesus will be cast alive into the lake of fire which burns forever and ever (Revelation 20: 10-15).
The next thing you must do is accept that Jesus Christ loved you and died for your sins so that you wouldn't have to go to the lake of fire. The Bible says that "while we were still sinners, Christ died for us" (Romans 5:8). Jesus understands our human weaknesses and has made a way for us to escape the judgement to come. He is willing to give each of us a second chance to live for him by forgiving our sins and filling us with his own Spirit.
The third thing you must do is repent. This means that you must be sorry for your sins and must make a firm decision within your heart to believe in Jesus, to live by his Word, and to do the best you can to keep yourself from further sin. The Bible says that God "now commands all men everywhere to repent" (Acts 17:30). Repentance is not optional. It is impossible to be forgiven and receive eternal life unless you are willing to turn away from your sins. If you are ready to live apart from sin, then Jesus is ready to help you.
The next thing you must do is be baptized in water in the name of Jesus Christ (Acts 2:38). This is the first act of faith every person must submit to in order to show their desire to be obedient to God. Jesus will respond to this act of faith by forgiving every sin you have ever committed. Jesus said, "He who believes and is baptized will be saved" (Mark 16:16). If you believe that Jesus died for your sins and have made up you mind that you want to live God's way, then you ought to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ as soon as possible.
Peter said that those who repent and are baptized "shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit" (Acts 2:38). The Holy Spirit is the power and presence of Jesus Christ coming to live right inside of you to help you live right and to fill you with life everlasting. The Bible says, "He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit who dwells in you" (Romans 8:11). What a wonderful promise! Just as Jesus was raised from the dead and is now alive for evermore, so will it be for you once you have been filled with his Holy Spirit.
The last thing you must do to be right with God is begin attending a local church that teaches the truths of the Bible. You must also begin reading the Bible for yourself and spending time each day seeking the Lord to guide you into his perfect will. Salvation is not a one time occurrence; it is a way of life. It begins when you repent of your sins, believe in Christ, get baptized in water, and receive the Holy Spirit. But if you are to remain right with God after your baptism, you must learn to live your life his way.
Once you have followed these six steps and have entered into your own personal relationship with God, you may still face many difficult and painful situations in your life. But with Jesus Christ, no matter how difficult life may become, you will always have plenty of peace, joy and hope on the inside...
"Come unto me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn of me, for I am gentle and lowly of heart, and you shall find rest for your souls." Matthew 11: 28-29
If you are ready to say goodbye to guilt, anxiety and emptiness, then make up your mind right now that you are going to place yourself in the hands of the only true Savior, Jesus Christ. Come to him repenting and believing, and be baptized in his glorious name for the forgiveness of every sin, and he will fill you with his wonderful Holy Spirit.
If you would like someone to help you learn more about the Bible, or if you would like to be baptized and get involved in a Bible-believing church in your area, please contact us for help in finding one.

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